Three different Nose Bridge mounting positions allow the frame to adjust vertically +/- 3 mm

Introducing the Adjustable series Kids Eyeglass Frames. Ultra-premium kids’ glasses that can be adjusted to fit the growing face of young children. 100% BPA Free and California Prop. 65 Compliant. Perfect for a child’s first pair of glasses.

Adjust Ear Hook

as the child grows

The Ear Hooks can be moved into 3 different positions and secured with a screw.

The temple arm expands 7.5mm.

Made of chemical free silicone the wishbone Ear Hooks are designed with comfort in mind. The removable head-strap attaches to the Ear Hook and helps secure the glasses.

Made with
Swiss TR90

The award-winning; Adjustable series kids’ glasses are designed to grow in size along with your child and can easily be repaired with modular parts. Crafted using ultra durable, Swiss TR-90 that can bend and flex without breaking. There durability and replicable parts make the Adjustable series kids glasses perfect for young children.

repairable and designed to last

Each frame comes with a complete collection on replacement parts that includes Nose Bridge, Ear Hooks, Head-Strap, Screws, and a Screw Driver. This means parents can make basic repairs to the Adjustable frames without the expense of new pair glasses. All replacement parts are always available and easy to find on this website.

Tempo: Adjustable Kids
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