Childhood Vision Development: The First 12 Months

Childhood Vision Development: The First 12 Months Babies have a lot going on. It’s a new world for them and the development of visual skills is crucial to healthy brain development. Knowing what to expect at each step along the way makes you a better parent. 0 to 30 Days:...

Why Kids Need Vision Screenings

Why Kids Need Vision Screenings Vision testing at an early age is vital for every child. Clear vision allows children to learn the visual skills needed to perform well in school. Eye exams and vision screening are not the same. Think of a vision screening like a precautionary step before...

Do Screens Hurt Your Child’s Eyes?

Do Screens Hurt Your Child’s Eyes? Screens are an everyday part of your child's life. We can’t avoid them but we can help protect children from the harmful effects. The amount of screen time per day has been linked to developmental delays, harm to eye development, poor quality sleep, obesity,...

The 3 Most Common Childhood Vision Problems

The Most Common Childhood Vision Problems Refractive errors, or vision problems are extremely common in children. Millions of kids around the world wear glasses like the Tempo: Unbreakable eyeglass frames. Let’s break down some of the basics. The three main reasons kids need glasses are: Farsightedness or Hyperopia. This means objects...

Easy At-Home Vision Test For Kids

Doing a home vision screening is easy, fun, and free. 

Download the chart and follow these step-by-step inscriptions. We will guide you through the process of setting-up, and completing an at home vision screening for your child. You can start testing your child’s eye’s as early as 2 years old. 

7 Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses

Distance learning is already hard for kids. The daily changes of the 2020 school year has your child's eyes working harder than ever. Many students with undiagnosed vision problems may go untreated. Now more than ever - parents need to know the signs of poor vision in children.

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